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Get answers to your common questions about legal marketing services from Innovative Attorney Marketing.

Brannon Stand, AL Website Design and Maintenance Questions

What goes into your website design service?

We use a comprehensive strategy that will give you a user-friendly attorney website that performs well on search engines. We incorporate search engine optimization into every website we design, and we can provide legal copy and attorney blogging services to help you connect to potential clients and rank well on search engines.

Do I need SEO?

Search engine optimization involves improving your website's design, structure, and content to improve user experience and search engine performance. Effective SEO strategies in Brannon Stand, AL will improve the number of targeted visitors your website receives as well as the number of leads you can convert.

Will blogging help my website?

A blog that is updated regularly allows you to give your potential clients new and relevant information. Optimized blog posts also help your website rank better on search engines which increases traffic to your website. Finally, a blog will help establish your authority and knowledge of the law and community.

Does my practice need social media profiles?

Social media in Brannon Stand, AL is now a major part of online marketing, brand recognition, and engagement. Social media can help your law firm or practice reach new audiences and capture more leads. If you are not comfortable using social media, Innovative Attorney Marketing can set up professional social media profiles for your firm and keep them updated to support your online marketing strategy.

Legal Case Direct Mail Questions in Brannon Stand, AL

How soon after a case is filed will you mail a letter?

Innovative Attorney Marketing receives new information constantly and we see cases almost immediately after they are filed in court. We mail letters the same day that the offense occurred.

What type of commitment do I need to provide?

Innovative Attorney Marketing offers month-to-month commitments for your convenience. You can choose a monthly mailing capacity that fits your budget.

Who will write and design our letters?

Innovative Attorney Marketing strives to make the direct mail campaign process as easy as possible. We will create a custom letter template with your letterhead or create letterhead for you. You will have the opportunity to review and revise the template at any time.

Do I need an 800 number?

An 800 number allows us to report exactly how many unique calls your letter campaign generates and it allows us to set up a 24-hour answering center to handle calls. Your 800 number will route to your cell phone, office line, or both. If you cannot answer, the call will be routed to our answering service.

What is the average response rate?

This varies a great deal by geographical area, competition, and other factors. We typically have a response rate of about 5%, which is much higher than the competition.