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Social Media Marketing for Attorneys in Brentwood, AL

Legal issues and the sensitivity of the cases they handle has led to attorneys hesitating to join other industries in the social media bandwagon. Most law firms and attorneys still prefer traditional methods of getting new clients, building professional networks and keeping up with the industry. But with time, social media is proving to be an indispensable marketing tool. If attorneys have any hope of keeping their practices on an upward trajectory, now would be a good time to learn what social media can do for you and how to use it.

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>Social Media Marketing for Attorneys in Brentwood, AL

Why is Social Media Marketing Important in Brentwood

1. New clients

More and more people are going online as their first stop in searching for an attorney. If you have not already established a presence online through social media, you are going to lose out on good business. Furthermore, engaging in social networking helps stamp your authority and expose your brand to many more prospective clients.

With millions of active users – and over a billion for Facebook – social networking sites have become platforms ripe for marketing. A good number of your target clients are most likely using social networks, you just have to meet them there.

2. Professional networking

Professional networking the old face-to-face way at events is still very important and beneficial for attorneys. On its own however, it can become too restrictive, preventing you from expanding your social network.

Social media complements traditional networking by giving you access to many more professionals to connect with and benefit from. Most lawyers will find LinkedIn to be the most effective social media platform for networking. By expanding your network, you will benefit from more clients, a better knowledge of the industry and many more opportunities than you would have gotten with traditional networking.

Reputation Management in Brentwood, AL

3. Establishing authority

As a lawyer, being trustworthy is of absolute necessity in landing new clients. People will always judge the authority of a professional to decide if they should trust him or her. Someone will not hire a bankruptcy attorney if they are not sure he or she can handle the case.

You therefore have to work hard and consistently to display your authority in your niche. With social media, this becomes much easier. By posting informative and useful content on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, you can show people that you really know what you are doing. Such content include advice and current legal news. Make sure that your followers understand the difference between legal advice and general tips.

Another excellent way to establish authority through social media is by blogging. Here you will be able to provide longer, deeper and much more informative content.

Blogging in Brentwood, AL

4. Keeping up with the industry

With an attorney’s tight schedule, it is easy for important news to be missed. Social media can come in handy in keeping up with what’s happening in your specific niche.

Social Media Marketing Services

To take advantage of what social media, and internet marketing in general, has to offer to your practice, you need a good partner to help you do it. Look no further than Innovative Attorney Marketing. We offer a wide range of marketing services for law firms including social media marketing, SEO,reputation management, blogging and video marketing among others.

Social Media Marketing for Attorneys in Brentwood, AL