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Brown Estates, AL Attorney Direct Mail Marketing

At Innovative Attorney Marketing, successful direct mail campaigns are what we do. Direct mailing is a cost-effective and proven marketing strategy for attorneys and law firms in Brown Estates, AL that targets customers in need of services. We will guide our campaign from concept and mailing to conversion with the experience and skills you need to get your message in the right hands.

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Brown Estates, AL Attorney Direct Mail Marketing

Why Direct Mail Marketing in Brown Estates, AL?

Promoting your practice with a direct mail campaign in Brown Estates, AL from Innovative Attorney Marketing has many advantages:

  • Find new customers. Innovative Attorney Marketing will help you create a highly targeted mailing list of people in need of your services.
  • Professional mail that gets attention and generates real results.
  • Deliver the perfect message.
  • Our campaigns go beyond what you can do on your own with a proven and unique model for legal direct mail.
Why Direct Mail Marketing in Brown Estates, AL?

Timely Mail Campaigns

At Innovative Attorney Marketing, we understand how important timing is to the success of your direct mail marketing, especially in terms of traffic or criminal direct mail campaigns. We offer an efficient process with first-class postage that gets your letters in the mail the day an arrest occurs or an offense hits the court system.

Address Verification

While there is no way to eliminate returned mail with any legal direct mail campaign, Innovative Attorney Marketing makes every effort to minimize it. We verify that all addresses on your list are deliverable so you will not be charged for letters that cannot be delivered.

Get Your Letters Opened

One of the biggest concerns about direct mail campaigns is whether the recipient will open and actually read what you send. At Innovative Attorney Marketing, we use high-quality materials to ensure your letters are professional and stand out from the competition to boost your open rates and the success of your campaign.

Direct Mail Campaigns in Brown Estates, AL

Converting Leads to Customers in Brown Estates, AL

The goal of your direct mail campaign is not just getting defendants to call you; you want them to actually hire representation. At Innovative Attorney Marketing, we realize that you lose potential leads every time someone calls and gets an answering machine. We offer a 24-hour answering service to ensure that someone is always available to take your calls. When you are not available and a defendant calls, we will collect relevant information and forward it to you quickly so you can follow up and convert leads into paying clients.

Brown Estates, AL Law Firm Direct Mail Marketing

Are you ready to get started on a targeted direct mail campaign for your firm? Start by choosing your jurisdiction and the particular case types that interest you. Do you want to target traffic and criminal defendants in your county? What about debtor cases throughout the state?

Next, Innovative Attorney Marketing will handle the design of your direct mail letters. We create engaging designs that stand out from the competition and get your mail opened and read. Once you approve your templates, we will conduct an in-depth ethics review to ensure your campaign follows not only ABA Model Rules but also rules that are specific to Brown Estates, AL attorney marketing.

Converting Leads to Customers in Brown Estates, AL