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Law Firm Search Engine Optimization in Cowarts, AL

One of the most important factors to a successful attorney website is search engine optimization, or SEO. Search engine optimization has many components that make your website easier for potential clients to find when they search for various search terms on Google, Bing, or Yahoo. As you likely know, the legal industry is extremely competitive and there are many attorney and law firm websites. High search rankings will help you build your revenues and capture more leads, putting your law firm website to best use. At Innovative Attorney Marketing, we make current SEO practices are a cornerstone of every Cowarts, AL attorney website we design.

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Law Firm Search Engine Optimization in Cowarts, AL

Competitive Site Analysis

We begin with a competitive analysis to compare your website against your law firm competition in Cowarts, AL. We will analyze your competitors' search rankings as well as their SEO strategies. Gaining an understanding of what your competitors’ do that does and does not work to attract potential clients, will help us develop your own SEO strategy.

Cowarts, AL Law Firm Link Building

At Innovative Attorney Marketing, we view Cowarts, AL law firm link building as an important component of an effective SEO strategy. The amount and quality of links to your attorney website affects how well your site performs in search rankings. We consider quality the most important factor in links, and thus we focus efforts on building links from authoritative, relevant websites. We will help you earn links to your website through directory listings, mentions in the media, and more.

Legal Industry in Cowarts, AL

Local SEO for Cowarts, AL Law Firms

While it is always good to rank well for broad search terms like "bankruptcy attorney," you will see the best results by ranking well in your specific geographical area. For example, someone searching for a "bankruptcy attorney in Cowarts, AL" is more likely to become a client than someone conducting a broad search. To help you improve your local search rankings, we will build and optimize your profile of local citations that reference you as an attorney or firm in your area. This includes working with community organizations, local directories, chambers of commerce, and more.

Blogging for Law Firms in Cowarts, AL

Fresh content on your legal website is an important aspect of search engine optimization. This content may be anything from ebooks and infographics, to new web pages, articles, photos, or even videos. We have found that regular blog posts yield real results, particularly because blog posts are assigned publication dates. Keeping your law firm blog up-to-date shows potential clients that you are consistent, and it gives you the chance to discuss pending legislation, seasonal topics, Cowarts, AL local stories, and more.

Law Firm Website in Cowarts, AL

Cowarts, AL Attorney Social Media Marketing

Social media is now a major component of any successful SEO campaign. While your clients in Cowarts, AL may not be active on social media, your profiles should be claimed on all social media platforms to avoid having your brand identity hijacked. This also gives you a chance to establish rapport with the Cowarts, AL community, build a network, and establish yourself as an authority. Managing several social media accounts can be time-consuming, Innovative Attorney Marketing will help you develop your social media presence with branded profiles and regular posts.

Law Firm Link Building in Cowarts, AL