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Client Testimonials


I endorse Innovative Attorney Marketing’s entire team, especially Mark Primak, Julian Penna, Elaine, Holly and Devon whole heartedly. I have been doing business with Mark for approximately a decade when he introduced me to Julian. Julian used his and his team's talent to build my website

At first, my family and clients complimented me on the site but then other attorneys in court started telling me the same thing, so that's when I realized that the competition is checking me out online and Julian is very good at what he does because he did a fabulous job on representing my practice on the internet. I therefore continued to expand my business with him. Now, Julian handles my entire social media campaign from Facebook to Linkedin and everything in between like blogging, twitter, google plus, etc.. He even set me up making videos to expand my online presence even further into sites like Youtube. I can't wait to hear what other ideas these guys have in store for me in the future because it seems like the more I pay them the more I get paid. Working with Innovative and the team has really paid off for me over the years. I am so happy with their help that I told them they can use me as a reference for their potential clients and I mean it.


Leon Matchin
Attorney at Law Leon Matchin

"In all my years as an attorney I have never seen a marketing initiative as well received as Julian Penna's and the team at Innovative Attorney Marketing. Mr. Penna has motivated myself and my partner Aaron about social media, but more importantly we are both engaged and participating. I highly recommend Julian and his team to any law firm looking to help their attorneys embrace social media marketing. Since our launch of the new website, we've seen a spike in new business coming from the internet." Thanks and keep up the great work.


Mario and Aaron
The Law Firm of Zapicchi&Liller

Julian and his team at Innovative Attorney Marketing have done an amazing job at setting up my law firm’s website and digital marketing strategy. The creativity and vision they bring is outstanding. They have provided me with a solid strategic marketing plan that has exceeded my expectations. I have enjoyed an increase in calls from clients who have found my website through the efforts of the Innovative team. Julian is someone that takes his profession very seriously, but definitely knows how to have fun as well. That quality has made our working relationship very enjoyable. I look forward to many years of success together.


The Locke Law Firm