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Our Philosophy in Vann, AL

At Innovative Attorney Marketing, we have a deep commitment to our clients. We believe in owning our successes as well as our failures, and we are always mindful of our mission to best serve our clients' goals. We work to inject new strategies into your practice with a combination of personality, innovation, and common sense. We stand behind our company and believe we are building something great with a talented team of attorney marketing experts who have a true passion. We take pride in listening to our clients. In fact, we strive to make everything we do as customer-centric as possible.

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Vann, AL Legal Web Design

Along with marketing campaigns, we specialize in custom, Vann, AL legal web design and SEO specifically for the legal industry. We will design a user-friendly, informative, and effective website that helps you capture and convert leads, then make sure your website gets listed and noticed by your potential clients.

We will help you make your website everything it should be: an informative resource, a means of communicating what your practice is all about to potential clients, and an effective leads funnel that gets your phone ringing.

Vann, AL Legal Web Design

Vann, AL Law Firm Marketing Campaigns

As entrepreneurs, the team at Innovative Attorney Marketing in Vann, AL understands that success only comes to those who want it. We love finding innovative solutions that help your practice save time and improve revenue. Unlike some competitors, we are not lawyers trying to lower the cost of our own marketing campaigns; we want to see your practice grow and succeed.

We will begin our collaboration with you by analyzing your firm's client base, practice areas, goals, and the current state of your website and marketing strategy. From there, we will work with you to build a responsive website and effective marketing strategies that help your bottom line and push you toward your goals.

As experts in the legal industry in Vann, AL, we understand that rules of professional conduct require law firms and attorneys keep detailed records of communication sent to prospective clients, including a database of names and addresses. We understand just how difficult this can be to maintain and how it detracts from time you should be spending on your practice. You can count on Innovative Attorney Marketing for superior record-keeping. We will maintain a list of all individuals to whom you send communications, which will be maintained on your behalf for five years and available to you within 24 hours of any request. We will also provide you with a "Do Not Send" list of contacts who have requested you cease communications.

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Vann, AL Law Firm Marketing Campaigns