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Law Firm Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising, or PPC, is one of the best and fastest ways to reach potential clients. Paid advertisements go straight to the top of Bing and Google search engine results. Regardless of the current state of your online marketing strategy, PPC has a place in your practice, especially if you are ready to grow your client base while developing your organic search rankings. Pay-per-click advertising in Wilson Quarters, AL offers instant results to attract relevant visitors to your website and gather leads who will likely need legal assistance.

While effective, PPC management is also very complex and it requires a combination of skill, creativity, and careful analysis to achieve the best possible results. At Innovative Attorney Marketing, we do not just "set it and forget it;" we offer comprehensive pay-per-click management services in Wilson Quarters, AL that maximizes your advertising dollars and the number of leads you bring in.

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Law Firm Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Wilson Quarters, AL Pay Per Click Management Services


Search engine optimization can help you rank for broad terms, but PPC is designed to show your ad only to people who are looking for your services in your coverage area. We perform careful testing and reviews to target the right audience.

Effective Ad Copy

It is not enough for your ad to simply appear on the search engine results; Innovative Attorney Marketing will write an engaging ad copy that gets attention and drives leads to your website. We will perform regular analysis to ensure your highest-performing ads are shown more often.

Budget Analysis

Some law firms prefer to choose a specific dollar amount for each campaign, but many prefer a total maximum budget. Innovative Attorney Marketing will provide metrics for the typical bid cost in your area and practice area to help you choose a cost-effective marketing budget.

Pay Per Click Advertising in Wilson Quarters, AL

Mobile-Specific PPC Ads

Mobile advertising requires a unique approach, as your PPC ad will need to be in the top two positions of search results to be "above the fold," or visible without scrolling. Your ad copy must also be written with mobile users in mind. Innovative Attorney Marketing will ensure mobile users can click on your ad and call you immediately from your ad without even visiting your website. We will also design mobile-optimized landing pages for your PPC ads to make it as easy as possible for potential clients to contact you.

Optimized Ad Scheduling

Did you know your PPC ads can be set up to only show during hours you are ready to receive calls? Innovative Attorney Marketing will help you understand when PPC traffic is at the highest.

Detailed Analysis

It is not enough to simply set ads and forget about them. While your paid ads in Wilson Quarters, AL will be tracked in Bing Ads or Google AdWords, Innovative Attorney Marketing will also integrate this information with other reporting tools. We will help you understand which ad groups and campaigns are most effective and keep you updated so you always know where your advertising money is going.

Are you ready to see what our Wilson Quarters attorney PPC management can do for your practice? Contact us today to get started!

Pay Per Click Management Services in Wilson Quarters, AL